I’ve managed to get through the day pretty much unscathed. Yes, my head hurts ten times more than it did at the start of the day and part of me feels like I’m going to vomit and/or pass out, but I got through the day and I really enjoyed it. I really liked working with the 2D animation company. I think they really enjoyed working with me too.

I made a point of getting to know all the crew because as I said in my last blog post, networking is really important. I’ve added all the crew on a social networking platform so I’ll be able to stay in contact with them if they need any more jobs done. This way they’ll be able to contact me directly which will really work in my favour. I’d be making their lives easier because they wouldn’t have to spend hours searching for new talent which requires a significant amount of effort.

As a production company, they spend all their time trying to do what’s best for their clients, which I completely understand. If they hire me for a job (or whoever they decide to hire) they want that person to make them look good because, in the end, it’s their reputation on the line. That’s why at the end of the shoot I made sure to say that it was a pleasure working with them, a leader in post-production services throughout the Melbourne area, and told them how happy I was to be able to make a difference to their client. I told them that at every point during the shoot, I had their client and their client’s offerings in mind. They loved it.

I hope that I get contacted by this production company again. This has been the perfect springboard for my career and I’m really looking forward to what is to come. I’d like to work with them again in the future.