Le Sporter

Sport + Style
Our philosophy is simple.

Our philosophy is simple.

In short: sport and style don't need to be in competition.

At Le Sporter, we believe that smashing it on the field, pitch, court, arena or trail shouldn't rule out serving serious style. We put together winning looks destined to take home the trophy, both functionally and aesthetically.

Our Team

Jacques-Patrice Delacroix

Jacques-Patrice Delacroix

Principal Stylist

The mastermind behind Le Sporter, Jacques-Patrice is a stylist and designer with a passion for garment design and the human body working at its limits.

Elisa Cruz

Elisa Cruz


Elisa brings an indispensable eye to the sportswear arena, specialising in highly functional and supportive garments that respond to the needs of female athletes.

Anton Jackson

Anton Jackson

Client Services

Anton is your first point of contact in the Le Sporter experience, assisting you in identifying your needs and compiling a detailed profile of your sporting persona.

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