Le Sporter

Sport + Style


Le Sporter is, above all, about the joy of play: in sport, dress and life. The name reflects this attitude, filtered through the lens of sportswear stylist Jacques-Patrice Delacroix.

Born in Cannes, Delacroix spent two decades living in Paris, working in construction rooms for a number of high-profile ateliers after graduating from studies in fashion design at the prestigious Institut Français. From there, he worked with several French national sports teams in developing signature looks for on and off the field. This would eventually lead him to an understanding of the connection between dress, culture and identity in the competitive arena. It also led him to seek to disconnect from the nationally oriented identity that he perceived as being generated by large sporting institutions.

Through this process, Delacroix moved into personal styling for individual sportspeople, athletes and fitness personalities. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, he works with private clients to achieve a seamless synthesis of functional garment design and the beauty of the human form working at its limits.

He has styled for photographic editorials in major publications such as BodyStyle, Performance High and Kick Dust.