Armed with a football helmet, Roger crept into his bathroom. It seemed entirely ordinary and stood mockingly in all its familiarity. The only thing that caught his attention was the neon green sink that appeared to be moving gently in the middle. The swaying blob that was the creature that had found its way into his drains and subsequently invaded his home a couple of days beforehand turned to look at him.

The groaning noise it made had now turned into a gentle warble. He had first assumed the noise meant he had to hunt down bookings for bathroom repairs and renovations available in Sandringham. Now, he knew the true source of the noise, and it scared the life out of him. It was only with a newly discovered resolve to not sell his dream house that he had even dared enter the room.

“Look, I don’t know what you want or where you came from,” Roger said, swaying a piece of half-eaten raisin toast threateningly at the creature. “But it’s time you get out of here.”

He wanted the words to come out confidently, but his voice was wavering. Maybe he had been better off waiting for the Monday appointment he had booked for bathroom renovations. Beaumaris was a lovely suburb, but was it really worth having to ward off a green maybe-alien from his house?

The creature blinked its eye. Once. Twice. Slowly, it began to shift, rolling off of the sink and crawling up the wall tiles. He took a few hurried steps backward as it climbed the shower wall toward the doorway he stood in. He held the raisin toast out as a makeshift shield between him and it.

He hated to admit that he squeezed his eyes shut as its gooey body began to stretch out midair. This was it. 62 years old and he was finally meeting his end… But nothing happened. 

There was no darkness except the shadows of his eyelids. 

A tugging on his hand made him snap his eyes open in horror. The creature paid him no heed. It had extended a small, tiny mouth to chew on the edge of the toast. Similar to a puppy playing tug of war, it ripped the bread from his fingers as Roger stood frozen in shock. The creature vibrated as though happy at its thievery, slinking off to stand protectively over its delicious prize in the corner behind the toilet. 

What the? Roger’s shock gave him enough courage to slowly squat down to see the interaction clearer. For a moment it looked… almost cute. He sighed, taking off his helmet and setting it aside. “Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to have another raisin toast lover around,” he said as he sat down on the floor opposite it.

The creature purred happily in what seemed like a reply.