We’ve had a fine welcome to Melbourne, with bricks hurled through our windows on the first night we were here. We hadn’t even gone to bed at the time, when we heard some laughter outside. The next thing we knew, these big rocks and part of a brick were launched straight through the window. Glass everywhere! And I’ve never seen Oscar so angry. He’s usually so placid, but this got him quite riled up.

A few of neighbours windows were broken as well, but not as badly as ours. Anyway, we reported it to the police in the morning, so there’s not much more we can do now except stick some cardboard over the windows and look for someone to fix them. The glass would be easy to replace but the brick had seriously damaged the window frame and would need repairs.

Yet another reason to be upset about moving to Melbourne, if only temporarily. Thankfully the neighbour could recommend a good quality window replacement company based in Melbourne. Such a lovely chap, never let anything get in the way of a job. When I told my cousin about what happened he offered to help fix the window. I politely declined in favour of a professional.

We had to make do with tradespeople for our window needs. In our old house, the window panes were cracked every other week and the glass would shatter if a heavy vehicle rolled by in the street.

Anyway, I doubt we’re going to have similar problems in Melbourne. I’m really not sure about this place though considering what just happened. We came here to spend time with family over the holiday season. Now that we’ve actually arrived, there’s not a huge amount to do until the windows are repaired. I suppose the window distraction will occupy some time, and then we’ll explore the city. We really should have researched the area before we moved in.

Anyway, I’m guessing the professional Melbourne window repair company will do an amazing job. Either way, it needs to be done pronto. It just doesn’t feel safe sleeping with cardboard squares covering the windows!