Is there anything better than reality TV? I mean, can you even believe that this stuff is as recent as the 2000’s? If anything can solidify our century as the greatest ever, then it’s almost certainly that. The only sad thing is that I can only watch one show at a time, on one channel, and there aren’t enough hours in the day. Oh, if only I could get a job reviewing reality television. That would be SO fantastic!

Alas, for now I have to content myself with one at a time, while I don’t have work. And then sometimes I go to live tapings. Right now, though, it’s all about ‘Jack of All Trades’. Hoo boy, that’s a fresh new concept and I’m digging it. And I used to know this guy who wanted to work for a Mornington pest control company, so it’s, like, close to my soul. Close to my heart, and in my blood. But obviously half of the fun of this show is watching people take on a hard job and totally stack it, much like a lot of reality TV. This time they had to go into a haunted mansion, and there was this one guy- Brad, quite the troublemaker- who kept making snide remarks about Casey’s termite control technique, and they had a fight and then Brad accidentally spilled some chemicals over the lock of the basement so they couldn’t get out, and Henry tried to kick it down but he twisted his ankle in the attempt, and Vera didn’t even KNOW what a termite looked like. For real. There was an interview where she was all like ‘are they like bats, but bigger?’

Yeah, that’s her character. Fortunately they knew who to call for advice onĀ pest control for Dandenong homes. They needed someone to show them how to use the chemicals safely, otherwise the points had to be awarded based on who actually managed to do a shred of termite inspection at ALL.

Which is how it’s supposed to work, of course…