What an audacious start to this year’s talent show! The stage is ablaze with potential, the crowd bristling with anticipation. Among the lineup of contestants stretching back and out of sight, there is one contestant that clearly stands out. For some bizarre reason, an administrative hiccup, or perhaps a technical glitch in the registration process, there is a… ute. Yes, folks, you heard that right. A full-on, no-joke, aluminium tray and canopy-equipped ute right here on the stage!

As I rub my eyes in disbelief, the organisers are huddled together, their brows furrowed as they share glances between their rulebooks and the glaringly out-of-place contestant. After what feels like an eternity, they throw up their hands, signalling the ute’s continued participation. This should be good for a laugh, at least. 

Decked out with shiny aluminium ute canopies, and hardy, well-fitted trays, this vehicle commands an inexplicable sense of rugged charm – for a ute, at least. Much to my incredulity, the crowd seems utterly captivated, and a quiet gasp of amazement sweeps the room as the ute’s functionalities are displayed.

As the first round draws to a close, the unthinkable happens. Our judges, in a bewildering act of collective insanity, or perhaps a bout of contagious hilarity, give the ute the green light for the next round! The crowd roars its approval, cheering on this unlikely contestant with an enthusiasm that, quite frankly, baffles me.

As we sign off for the day, I’m left shaking my head in disbelief, as this strange sight is cemented as the standout moment of the day. The ute’s sturdy aluminium trays and canopies glisten under the stage lights, like a star under the spotlight. And, if you’re as befuddled as I am, and want a piece of this bizarre show for yourself, there’s always the business for installing ute trays near Melbourne that’s sponsoring this peculiar contestant. I mean, why not, right? They might just surprise you.

Stick around, folks. If this is how we’re kicking things off, there’s no telling what other absurdity this talent show has in store. A ute, in a talent show… who would have thought?