I met this lady on the weekend and she ticked all the boxes. She spent the whole night with me until she went home, and she was good looking and listened when I spoke. I didn’t get her name because she didn’t tell me. She was too busy nodding in agreement with everything I was saying about my tapered under tray toolboxes. It was pretty cool talking to a lady so interested in toolboxes and stuff. I thought my number one pick up line would be that I’m a chippie, but she didn’t seem to care much about that. She just smiled and laughed when I asked her if she was attracted to me because of it. 

I wish I had gotten her name or number. It felt like our time together just went so quickly. I bought her a couple of drinks and I thought she’d probably ask to see me again sometime soon but she didn’t. She probably just thought this whole thing was too good to be true. I don’t blame her because I’m such a catch. Any of my workmates would say the same thing.

Because she was so interested in my tapered under tray toolbox, I recommended the company who did my custom ute trays. In Melbourne, there aren’t many companies that do these things to such a high standard. I wanted her to know where to go if she ever wanted a ute tray or toolbox that was in as good a condition as mine. 

Even though I didn’t get her name this time, I have a feeling that she’ll go to the same bar this weekend. The ladies love me, and I know she’s keen. We just got too caught up in conversation to exchange details. I wouldn’t be surprised if I find her standing in the exact place that we met this Saturday coming. Big things are coming boys – I’ve found my lady.