Maybe you’ve never wondered why pool fencing is necessary; after all it seems obvious. Children need to be watched around water, and fencing is one way to ensure the accidents don’t occur in the meantime. However, fences serve a greater purpose than simply keeping kids out, hence why they are required by law all around the world. Melbourne glass pool fencing is just as important as fencing in anywhere else in Australia, and a few of the reasons include:

  1. Safety: The most well-known function of pool fences is to keep people out, mostly children. Specific regulations are put in place to stop kids from entering pools without adult knowledge, such as placing the latch higher than they can reach, having it operated by a slightly more complex mechanism than a regular gate and making sure that the fence covers the entire pool area. If the pool is against an existing fence, there are also laws against overhanging branches and climbable objects that would allow access other than through the gate. The latch has to be kept in working order. All of these combined greatly increase the safety of both public and home pools.
  2. Visibility: There’s a reason fences aren’t simply the wooden kind. Pool fences have to be see-through, yet still offer protection. This is where semi frameless glass pool fencing comes in especially handy, as it is a sturdy alternative that looks stylish and offers unrestricted access to the pool. After all, if you have an in-ground pool in your garden you’re probably going to want to show it off a little bit, which is slightly more difficult with rows of bars blocking the way. However, the safety aspect still applies, as parents can see exactly what their kids are doing without being inside the enclosure themselves.
  3. Enclosure: Despite the clear visibility, a pool also offers a quiet environment. When children aren’t involved, a fence can also offer a private space for functions, fun or simply relaxing. There’s certainly something to be said about having an enclosed space to yourself, to do with what you wish. Pool fencing can offer not only safety and style, but also a sanctuary of sorts.