After a long drive by underground life standards, Redman and Jesse arrived at the conveyancer/buyer’s advocate building in New Adelaide. It was bigger than Redman had expected. Admittedly, his expectations had been quite low, given that none of the buildings in New Melbourne got more than two storeys off the ground. Standing at an impressive five storeys high, this strange, black building was easily the most outstanding one he’d seen in years.

“I saw some odd signs as we were driving through town,” Redman said as he and Jesse made for the doors. “They said that this was the suburb of Brighton. But we have a Brighton in New Melbourne, too. Won’t that get confusing?”

“Possibly,” Jesse said, stroking his chin. “Although I suppose they had a Brighton in the surface Adelaide too. There was even one in Tasmania as well. So sure, it might get confusing if you are directed to a conveyancer located in Brighton, but hopefully people can just work it out from context.”

“I think that made more sense when Adelaide and Melbourne were a ten-hour drive apart.” Redman brushed his hand through his hair as the sliding doors before them opened. “Back then, if somebody told you to check out the conveyancing firm in Collingwood, you’d just assume it was the Collingwood in the nearest capital city. Now I wouldn’t have a clue, to be honest.”

“Well,” said Jesse as they approached the front desk, where a receptionist sat patiently, “there aren’t likely to be any conveyancing lawyers operating outside of Brighton here, so if you hear about conveyancers in this suburb, it’s probably them. What are the chances New Melbourne has its own Brighton-based conveyancing firm?”

Redman laughed. “Knowing my luck, it’s high. It’s very high. But still, it’s an impressive place you’ve got here. Although I suppose that should be expected for the base of operations to get New Adelaide off the ground. Five storeys is a good start, for sure.”

Jesse grinned. “Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet.”