I’m excited to announce that I’ve finished building the tiny house! It’s so cool that I sort of wish I was going to live in it, or at least use it as study or something. But no – I’m going to recoup the cost of the building materials by putting it up for rent as a self-contained holiday unit. Before that can happen, all that remains to be done is the decorating, which should be a welcome relief from the calculating and constructing mindset.

I plan to kit it out in an art deco kind of look. The first port of call in this mission is to get some kind of feature wall situation happening. Where’s the best place to buy designer wallpaper in Melbourne? I’d love to get some custom made – as in, digitally printed with a design I’ve put together for the purpose, which based on my grandmother’s wallpaper. Ideally, the paper needs to be PVC-free and easy enough for me to put up myself.

Once I’ve tracked down said geometric print wallpaper (or self-adhesive wall coverings – whatever works, really), the next step will be to harmonise the rest of the decor with with the walls. That’s just the way I work; it could be something to do with the fact that my house features some pretty luridly coloured feature walls. I couldn’t be bothered to paint over them, so I quickly grew accustomed to working my furnishings into the wall palette.

My main goal here is to create a vibrant space that reflects my personal style. Maybe I’m biased here, but I believe that if I like the look, then other people will too. Ultimately, I do plan to make use of the tiny house myself at some point, so I want it to have continuity with the vibe in the main house. Regarding that, one thing’s for sure: the walls in the tiny house will be at least a bit more tasteful than the ones in the main house.