There’s always a good bit of electrical work on Lizard’s Lair. Sometimes it’s a gadget…in fact, most times the show features several gadgets, with a 97% rate of utter failure, but sometimes it’s an innovation to do with power saving and sustainable energy. There was the solar jeans guy a few weeks back; that was cool.

The most interesting one this week was a really nervous-looking guy who had something to say about the state of commercial electrical maintenance. Now, they’re usually nervous, but this guy was jumping out of his skin. Kept tripping over his words, stuttering, sweating like nothing else, but eventually he managed to pull the velvet cloth off a Special Electrician Suit™. The Special Electrician Suit™ is designed to rival that new rubber thing from Lawrence Corp – basically, making things a lot safer for people doing electrical work, although this one was more convenient. It’s a full set of overalls that you step into, but there are circuit breakers hidden in the material, all down the sleeves, up into the gloves, etc. If they detect an unusual charge, it’s diverted to a power centre at the back, and the whole suit lights up depending on how much charge there was. So it’s an instant indicator of whether it was just a light shock, or something a lot more lethal than needs more sensitive treatment.

And look, I’m not an electrician so I can’t tell you if that’s useful or better than the tools they already have, but it definitely looked good when he put the suit on, touched a live wire and started to glow yellow with no damage to his person. What with all the electrical repairs Cheltenham locals seem to be constantly in need of, we might see electricians tromping around in these things in no time, especially since they come with a gajillion handy compartments for storing wiring, small tools, and electrical devices like phones with their own little shockproof pocket. All hail the Special Electrician Suit™.