I remember back in the day, when my home office wasn’t really a home office at all, and I was just starting out as a poor freelancer. To be fair, I did have a designated ‘work zone’, but the ‘work zone’ was a beanbag, and the beanbag was uncomfortable after an hour or so, so there was some degree of blurring lines between the work and leisure zones. And no air conditioning… hoo boy, not even a little. The opposite, actually: the afternoon sun shone right into my studio apartment, turning it into a studio sauna with utilities included.

Now I can actually afford regular air conditioning servicing. Brisbane companies aplenty are at the ready to come in and furnish me with some degree of comfort, in a whole room that serves as my office. To be honest, every time I press the button than gives me the cool air (still kept on a low setting…I’m neither an Eskimo nor a millionaire) I still think about how far I’ve come, from sitting in that beanbag cursing my life to sitting in a relatively comfortable chair that I thought I’d splash out on because it’s my work chair. The heat nearly made me give up at the start. I was on the verge of just putting down my computer and going right back to the QA testing job that I hated.

But I stuck it out. The blazing anger at how I was treated in my old job seemed to repel the blazing heat of the sun. And now, I don’t have to worry about it. I’ve got an office, and a go-to company for air conditioning repairs. Brisbane life really does make it necessary to have such a thing, you know. I’ve got a steady set of clients, and I’ve even got myself a desk. It’s a hard rubbish desk, but still.