Alright, I know they didn’t actually fly out to Scotland to film this episode. They’re on a soap opera budget, and as per usual, I checked the production notes: all Melbourne. Still, they managed to find a spot with some rolling hills and a body of water, had some people hanging around in the background wearing kilts and generally didn’t tilt the camera all that much. There was only one place in the episode whee you could see the Melbourne skyline, so it’s all good!

And it WAS good. Moira traveled all the way to Scotland to see her Scottish internet boyfriend, Angus, only to find that he was actually a 52-year-old Spanish man running a fishing rod theft ring. They would create fishing rod holders that were intentionally of poor quality, slandering the noble industry in the process and sell them to tourists. The tourists would go fishing, their rods would plunge into Loch Ness, and Angus/Pedro’s men would be waiting underneath the water to grab the fishing rods and sell them at a premium price.

Moira almost got dragged into becoming a thieving scuba diving vagabond, except Eric suddenly came back from being lost at sea for sixteen years (since he was four years old) and declared that this was a travesty to the marine welding industry, and he would surely bring it to an end. He’d also loved Moira since the day he saw her, when he was four, but things were complicated by Bernice swearing an oath to wait for Eric’s return from the sea so they could be married in the Ghobe Desert (the opposite to the sea), and of course she wants nothing to do with the Melbourne stainless steel marine welding industry since it took away her childhood love, and also ruined her birthday party that one time, even though the real culprit was her older brother Winston sitting below deck and foolishly crafting his own fireworks to flog among gullible party goers.

Can you believe that people say this is hard to keep up with? It’s really that straightforward.