My brother’s house has this really cool workshop out the back, and it pains me that it hardly ever seems to get used. It’s got to the point where I’m thinking of asking him if I can hire it to use as an office – it’s a separate building with its own facilities, so he’d never have to know I was there.

At least, that was my line of thought until I wandered in there earlier today. The place is an icebox! I kind of understand why he doesn’t make much use of it now. When I mentioned it, he nodded knowingly and said it’s sweltering in there during summer. He’s not entirely sure why this is the case, but the climate of the room makes it an unappealing space to hang out in.

I almost gave up on my idea, until it crossed my mind that there exist devices to sort out our every temperature control struggle. They’re called air conditioners and gas heaters. Canberra even has a few companies that install them, if you’d believe it… honestly, I can’t believe this didn’t occur to me straight away. Silly!

Anyway, I think the next step for me is doing some research into the most suitable type of dual heating/cooling system for the space, figuring out how much it’s going to cost, and pitching the idea to my brother. I’d pay for the upgrade, obviously… and perhaps in exchange he could let me use the place free of charge.

I wonder what the damage is for heating services. Canberra is getting much colder these days. Would that be overkill for the size of the space? It’s not tiny, so maybe not. Plus, on my bro’s end, it would surely have to be an investment that lifts the property’s value, if only a small amount.

Okay, I’m excited now. He’d have to be crazy not to accept my offer, given how underused this space is. The only possible reason to not go for it is that he’s over having his little sister around and doesn’t want her clattering around down the bottom of his garden.