Yuki’s eyes burned with determination as she scrolled through an underground Duel Monsters forum. She had been relentless in her search, driven by the desire to defeat her rival, Kaira. As she sifted through the countless threads about strategies and deck combos, a post caught her eye. It spoke of Exrosia – The Forbidden One, a series of five cards that when gathered in the player’s hand, would win them the duel outright.

Exrosia – The Forbidden One? It sounded as deadly as the thornless roses she’d once seen while browsing for seeds online. The roses, while beautiful and harmless to the touch, were rumoured to possess a deadly poison within their petals. Yuki shuddered at the thought. Was she prepared to take such a drastic step?

In her heart, she knew she needed something drastic to overcome Kaira. Yuki clicked the link provided in the post, leading her to an online marketplace. Her heart pounded as she found the five cards for sale, listed by an anonymous seller.

She hesitated, her finger hovering over the “buy” button. She thought about her defeat at the tournament. The pain of loss was still raw, the memory vivid. Steeling herself, she pressed the button. Just like that, she had bought the most powerful, most dangerous cards in Duel Monsters. It almost would have been harder to buy seeds online.

Days later, a package arrived at her doorstep. She opened it to reveal five magnificent cards, each depicting a different part of Exrosia – The Forbidden One, a rose creature of unimaginable power. Yuki held them in her hands, feeling the weight of her decision.

As she looked at the cards, she couldn’t help but feel an unsettling excitement. She had the power to defeat Kaira now, but at what cost? Her Duel Monsters journey had started out as an innocent pastime, a parallel to her passion for gardening. But now, she was entering a world of serious competition, where victory came with a price.

Yuki knew she was ready to face Kaira again. And this time, she had a few surprises up her sleeve.