Another beach episode, and so soon? My forum friends had mentioned that Week of Our Lives was filming elsewhere, but I never thought they’d go for another episode in Lorne, not so soon. I guess they want to fill in a few loose ends from then…and you know what? I totally forgot about Tyler. They had a D-plot about him starting an otter breeding business so he could impress Dana, who said to him that she loves ‘her’ (referring to her pet Dalmatian) but he misheard her as ‘I love fur!’, causing him to try to create a beautiful otter fur coat to impress Dana and win her love.

Obviously the otters all escaped, and Tyler spent the entire weekend combing every single hotel around the Lorne area because they’d all got lost in them for some reason. But then, that’s the thing about the show: sometimes the plots go all the way to the J-K, meaning that there’s so much to keep track of that you can lose people pretty easily. Only last week we had Susanna and Leroy returning from their Safari romp, and I’d TOTALLY forgotten they’d gone here to develop a new skin cream from the flaky scalp matter of baboons that would cure aluminium Christmas tree allergies. 

And no, they never actually dealt with Tyler’s hotel otter dilemma, until now. A group of them went back to Lorne so that they could escape the wild Melbourne weather, but also so that they could take long walks along both the cliff and the beach and confess their hidden romances. Jake and Gia were about to do just that, when they came across Tyler, driven mad by his otter quest and now believing that an ancient Mesopotamian goddess told him to make the ultimate fur coat, or there will be ten-thousand years of darkness.

And Fred broke an expensive vase in their luxury accommodation. Looking to book in Lorne was their first mistake. Everyone there was having a great time before they got sucked into soap-opera plots.