I couldn’t believe I was looking for a clinic that specialises in dermal fillers in MelbourneHere’s why. Losing a load of weight from training for the ultra marathon, I was feeling great- But it wasn’t until I caught sight of my face in the mirror, right after shaving and getting ready for a formal event, that it hit me:  it didn’t matter how much effort I put into my appearance: I was looking haggard.

I’m a health conscious guy and I don’t really remember a time apart from being a teenager, that I didn’t feel happy with my appearance. So this was a shock to the system and for the first time, I actually understood why people feel so compelled to improve the way they look.

I had encouragement: my wife was happy for me to look into, it as long as they were natural looking dermal fillers. Melbourne was offering loads of places that had cheap deals, which surprised me, because I wasn’t about to sign up for anything on a discount- I wanted  proper care and attention, not a few quick jabs.

We got thinking about all the hard work we’ve done through the year and my wife talked to me about her own concerns- she mentioned feeling particularly self-conscious too. It was great to go in blind with her, she was a lot more comfortable with the scene than I was. While I wanted to address my concerns about losing my cheeks and looking permanently hungry, she wanted to talk to the nurse about her jawline and painless laser hair removal.

We walked out of the salon feeling a million bucks. Honestly, it has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for ourselves. We aren’t what you’d call vain people but maybe the years crept up on us- this is our way of slapping them on the beak and keeping them at bay for a bit longer- I definitely feel revived!