I know ‘Week of Our Lives’ has always been an exaggerated version of our real life, and the problems presented on the show are perhaps…more frequent than real life? See, these things really do happen. Your town really could get invaded by a hostile force of people who’ve always lived in the forest, who have now infiltrated the economy and are looking to bring the town to ruin from the shadows. It just doesn’t happen every week.

Fun fact: I used to work in an office! Well, until we had to move out because of a fumigation incident. The boss decided it was time to get some real office fitouts from a design company operating in Sydney, so they flew them in for that very purpose. in the meantime, we had to move in with another office for three weeks, and it was…cramped. So very cramped. There were six fights over those weeks, many broken pieces of office equipment, and a fire in the coffee room that I’m fairly sure was started on purpose.

The reason I bring all of this up is because ‘Week of Our Lives’ just started a MAJOR story-line with an office needing fitouts, and the people just moved to another office, and it’s causing friction due to overcrowding…and I’m suspicious. Maybe one of my old colleagues is on the writing team. In this one episode, there were seven fights, Lacey went nuts and broke every single stapler, and the cliffhanger was Justine standing on top of the receptionist desk and holding a cocktail, saying that she was sick of washing everyone’s mugs and that she’s going to turn the whole thing around.

So, THEY’RE going to need some office fitouts. Sydney┬áhas the best people for the job. It’s going to be a big task reviving an entire office space from being burnt to a crisp. Although Bradley might be able to talk Justine down using their shared history of fifteen years at Knitting Club. This invasion thing really does have the entire town on edge, so the town’s only office, where all the main characters work, being out of commission? That’s some hot drama.