Feeling…listless. I’m lacking in list. My quantity of list is so low, you might even say there was no list at all. Maybe I need more friends, or something. I spend all my nights after I come back from work browsing Visage-Tome, and that’s almost certainly part of the problem because everyone on here just has THE perfect life. They’re all having babies, getting married, climbing mountains, going to Egypt, moving to Egypt…there’s a lot of Egypt recently, I’ve noticed. Is that a big thing for people my age? And of course, when they get pictures taken on the mountain or whatever, it’s always someone else taking them…because it’s just me who’s alone. Apparently.

But one thing I DO have that they don’t…is family connections with outboard motor servicing based in Melbourne. How is that relevant, you may ask? Well…I’m in a boat now. Not quite sure how this happened, even though it’s only been a few hours. I’m trying not to freak out. I think all the loneliness and feeling of being unwanted finally got to me, so much so that it took over my brain and made me do something crazy and spontaneous to get my mind off things. I honestly don’t have that much experience in boating, but…here I am. In a boat. At night. All by myself. And I have to say, this isn’t doing much for the whole ‘lonely’ issue. Apart from the sound of the water, it’s REALLY quiet out here. Just the sound of the outboard motor when I decide to move somewhere. There are some people over there who I think are having a house party on their boat, so…they’re having a good time, with people. Unlike me. Maybe I’ll get a job doing outboard motor repair in Melbourne, and it will be lovely, and I’ll have motoring, boat loving friends. They are the greatest friends of all, because of…sea shanties, I suppose.