I’m a rather successful businesswoman making more money than I could ever possibly need. My parents gave me every opportunity to succeed when I was young, despite not always having enough money to do so, and I want to start paying it forward now that I can afford it. I am going to upgrade parts of my parents’ house so that it reflects the quality of their love, rather than the quality of what they can afford.

I’m going to start by upgrading and replacing all the windows and doors in the house. A door replacement can cost a significant amount of money which my parents have never had, and so they’ve had to live with doors that are off their hinges or doors that let such big drafts in that they can’t be comfortable without turning on the heater. 

Even though they’ve never complained about their house, I know it is affecting their quality of life. I mean how could it not? Everyone deserves warmth and privacy in their own home, and I want to give my parents that.

Something I know they’ve always wanted, even when I was a child, is a sliding glass door at the back of the house leading into the backyard. Obviously, this wasn’t a necessity and therefore it was out of their budget, but I can afford to pay for their sliding doors installation and so I am going to do so. My parents deserve the best and they’ll get the best.

Now, you may be wondering why I don’t just build them a whole new house. That’s a valid question, especially because I can afford to buy them one. However, this is the home they’ve lived in together for the last 45 years, and they wouldn’t want to move or change it too much. That’s why I’m simply improving their house, rather than changing it altogether.