So I got my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted yesterday, which is awesome! The eyelash tint which goes on my eyelashes kind of burns my eyes and makes them blurry, which usually isn’t too much of an issue because I don’t drive myself home. I always set up my appointments at a time that my mum can also go and get hers done… so that I can get a lift home. She doesn’t have as bad of a reaction to the tint as I do and therefore it works out well for both of us. 

Yesterday though, my mum had to cancel her appointment at the last minute so I had to drive myself. I thought it would be okay and I gave myself a bit of time before driving to let my eyes settle, but I guess I couldn’t see as well as I thought and I ended up reversing into a tree. I’m fine, but my car isn’t great. I managed to drive home with a massive dent in my car and my number plate off, but I definitely can’t drive it like this in daylight.

I’ve made an appointment with an expert car mechanic in the Bentleigh area for this afternoon in the hope that he can buff out the dint and that I don’t need too much extra. Part of me is worried that he’s going to tell me that my car’s a write-off and that I can’t drive it anymore. Or that I’m going to have to pay all this money to get it fixed. I’m a poor student and I can’t afford to pay for anything that I don’t budget for at the start of the year.

I have a feeling that on top of a general buffing service, I may also need a brake repair around the Bentleigh area. I know my vision was impaired when I was driving but I think I may have crashed because my brakes weren’t as receptive as they should have been.