Dear Diary,

It’s me, Sophia, again. Today was… let’s call it an adventure. It seems the universe thought I was getting a bit too comfortable with the whole construction thing and decided to throw me a curveball: plumbing.

According to the blueprint, today’s mission was to incorporate plumbing supplies. Cheltenham residents love the plumbing supplies at our store, so they wouldn’t be too hard to find. But yeah, that’s right, plumbing. It turns out that the device doesn’t just need timber and building supplies, but plumbing supplies too. Who’d have thought?

The universe must have a sense of humour because let me tell you, I was in over my head. The blueprint had pictures of pipes and valves and connectors. At least, I think that’s what they were. I’d like to say I knew exactly what to do but reality was a series of trials and errors. I won’t lie, Diary, there were moments when I felt like crying.

First, I had to navigate the biggest hardware store in the Bayside area (yes, I spend every day here, but still!) to find the right supplies. It was like a maze filled with strange, alien objects. Pipes of every size and shape, valves that looked like they belonged in a submarine, and a whole host of connectors. I swear I saw one that looked like it was grinning at me.

Getting the supplies was one thing, figuring out how to incorporate them into the device was another. Pipes are not like timber. They are round and stubborn, and they don’t like to stay where you put them. But with patience (and more duct tape than I care to admit), I managed to install them.

Even with all the challenges and hiccups, I found myself laughing more than crying. And you know what? I’m beginning to enjoy this. The satisfaction of seeing something take shape with your own hands is something else. The device is looking more and more like the blueprint, and with each passing day, I’m one step closer to finding out what’s behind the door.

I just hope the device doesn’t suddenly need rocket science knowledge next. Wish me luck, Diary!

– Sophia