I like oxygen chambers as much as the next guy, but…and I don’t want to sound like a fuddy-duddy, but there is such thing as too much. Lawrence Corp are so obsessed with making everything bigger and better, they just keep doing it without reason. They don’t ask whether they should…they just do.

So you’ve got Melbourne’s portable hyperbaric chambers, and they’re great. Good value, great for people with medical ailments, or just anyone who wants to sit in a little glass dome and wile away the day breathing in some extra oxygen. Not for me, but I’m claustrophobic, even when the surface is glass. They’ll never get me into one of these things, I said to myself. Not going to happen. Everyone else can enjoy them!

Then L Corp announces that they’re about to start trialing hyperbaric chamber conversions to homes. Sounds pretty extreme, and it probably is. The way I see it in the promo video, they’re going to line the walls with pipes that deliver oxygen. At the flip of a switch, you can seal off the room and turn it into an oxygen chamber for all your breathing needs, perfect for those who can’t leave the house or fit a hyperbaric chamber in their home. Also perfect for people who are obscenely rich, because the price tag is something fierce. 

See what I mean about not knowing if they should or not? I just don’t like the idea of sealing off an entire room and turning it into some sort of…gas chamber. Doesn’t sit well with me. And we already have portable hyperbaric chambers. They work fine, AND they’re portable! That’s the perfect combination. I really do see this as being a thing that like five people get installed, while everyone around them scoffs at the idea and does things as they’ve always been doing them. But who knows if that harebrained scheme will even pay off. Stranger things have happened.