I’ve come to the conclusion that my partner and I are going to have to operate with a contract going forward. We obviously can’t make ad-hoc decisions without impacting the other person and really, we shouldn’t be making decisions that impact us both without consulting the other person. That’s a sure-fire way to ruin our partnership and everything we’ve worked so hard to build over the last four years.

Neither of us want to throw our business down the drain so we have agreed to come up with a document stating what we can and can’t do without the other person. For example, any decisions relating to hiring what we personally consider to be the best company for office tinting Melbourne has to offer, has to be done together. From now on, neither of us can go behind the other person’s back to make business decisions without the other. It will be a direct breach of our contracts.

Seeing as I would never do this to my partner, it’s no big deal for me. I would never do anything to impact our partnership like my partner would. So really, that clause is in there just to spite my partner and make sure that he doesn’t do anything ever again to jeopardise our business relationship. 

Also, thanks for following me on this journey, everyone. I’ve really been going through it for the last week and a half and I’ve found it difficult to come to terms with potentially losing my partner and the business we have built together. I know it’s the right decision to just let the decision go – maybe I’ll even like the company he’s chosen office decorative window glass. Melbourne glass companies are top-notch. It was more the principle of the thing. The fact that my partner went behind my back and made decisions without me. Anyway, moving forward it will be a lot better for our working relationship to have this contract.