Is there any man in Melbourne lazier than my husband? He always says he will do things around the house, but then he never does. Weeks will pass in which he will insist that he is going to cut down that tree, only for me to eventually cave and call in a tree removal service for Melbourne suburbs. Then he gets annoyed at me and says he was going to do it. In my opinion, if he was going to do it, he would have.

We had an argument over the weekend because he refuses to part with his pride and joy: his rocking chair. More specifically, it was my rocking chair. We bought it so that I would have somewhere to sit with the baby. It was meant to be a serene space of my own. Baby and I were quickly banished to the couch, while he usurped the rocking chair. Now the beautiful wooden rocking chair is broken, possibly from too much rocking. It is now more like a regular chair, as it does not rock smoothly. He says he is going to fix it. It has been months. I doubt it is even able to be fixed. I’m sure he would eventually get around to having it fixed, just like when he was going to organise the tree cutting with an arborist. Oh wait, that was me again.

I have half a mind to cut up his precious rocking chair and turn it into firewood. Although, I would happily sit in front of a scorching fireplace in the middle of summer if that was the only way I could be rid of that thing.

He was enraged when I used the legs of a broken table for firewood. He thought that the table was perfectly fine and just needed a few adjustments. He is right, if you count replacing all of the parts until it is a completely new table, as a few adjustments. He was never going to fix it. If I want something done, I have to do it myself or hire someone else. I’ll be the one who has to find someone to deal with the stump removal. I’ll see if they want to cut something else down while they’re at it.