One man’s boredom is another man’s hair-raising excitement. I mean, I’ve long known thanks to the internet that people have all sorts of opinions on random things, sometimes to the point of calling you awful names in defence of such thing. That’s the way people are. I mean, I like Fantasy as much as the next person, and I’m sad that it’s ending, but the moment I make one tiny comment on my favourite (strike that: FORMER favourite) forum, stating that the latest episode had some minor lighting issues…that’s it. I’m surprised I wasn’t banned, considering the storm of controversy I stirred up.

So I guess there’s a serious sub-group within the Fantasy fandom that loves the lighting and setup side of things. I bet they’re the ones writing all the articles about Melbourne’s designer lighting industry being the greatest in the world. I don’t read them; I just see them advertised when I’m at the checkout. But apparently Melbourne (and surroundings) is undergoing some kind of ultimate renaissance to do with commercial LED lighting and…fancy lamps, I suppose. Not totally my thing. Anyway, I mentioned on the forum that these people seem to always have an unnatural amount of light in their scenes, even in the dead of night. It was an innocent enough observation, but people took it to heart a little bit too much. I had a load of lighting experts explaining to me that ‘duh, MAGIC’ and ‘you could EASILY use a dragon scale to produce plenty of lumens if it was sharpened by waterflame steel’ and ‘you wouldn’t know because you’re an IDIOT, but if you did some research on commercial LED lighting solutions you’d see that it was all to do with the refraction of the sky’s unusual quantities of sunlight bleeding through to even darker places, which is exactly what the Day Duke is doing to try to trap the world in an eternal summer, LOSER.’

Wow. Fantasy has a serious lighting fanbase.