I never thought I’d feel sixty again, but even when you get to my age, life can be full of surprises. Of course, I know that well. I was seventy when I was camping outside Games ‘R Us for the release of the Fun-Sphere 2; beat out all those young folks, I did! Of course, why wouldn’t I? I’d been waiting for years to play the sequel to ‘Mince of Burger: Cans of Thyme’. The graphics were terrible, though, plus they told us it was multiplayer and THAT was a lie.

I’ve been burned by these things before, but apparently dry needling is the real deal, and I know it even though I wasn’t being needled by actual professionals. It was for a dry needling course based in Melbourne, and someone said they needed volunteers of all ages. Well, I’m always up for a new challenge, even if that challenge is lying very still while people stick little pins in you for the purposes of health and science. Heaven knows that my bones aren’t quite as hearty as they used to be. Not complaining; that’s just what happens as you get older. Still, I took that opportunity and now I’m actually feeling a lot better.

Imagine if it’d been just your regular, garden-variety dry needling session instead of students. I might still be bounding across the rooftops, just like the restaurateur from Mince of Burger does on his epic Arabian quest to fetch the cans of thyme from the supermarket before it closes, so that he can bring it back to the restaurant and use the thyme to prepare his special gourmet burgers. Acrobatic fellow; makes me a bit jealous.

No matter. If there are any OTHER dry needling courses for booking in Australia, I might just pack my bags and head over there. I haven’t felt this spry in years. Of course, that means I should probably spend more time outside, but the temptation to play Brawl online is too great.