So, I know I’m not supposed to have brought my phone into the escape room, but I had a hunch that I would need it. We’ve been stuck in here for three hours now, and haven’t been able to work out the solution. The employees should have pulled us out by now, but we can’t even contact them through the radio to get a hint. Something has probably happened to them. Maybe they all quit and walked out on the job. So we’re only getting out of here if we find the key by solving all the puzzles, or if someone sends us help. Hence the reason I am writing this blog post. If you’re reading this, please help us get out of here.

I know that Joe is like, the best plumber in Melbourne, but that doesn’t seem to be helping much here. He may have fixed all the blocked drains around Brighton in a single day, but we haven’t even gotten past puzzle three yet. He says that these puzzles are completely illogical, not following the rules of plumbing at all. It’s clear that the owners of this escape room did absolutely no research when designing the puzzles or the story. Joe says he should have worked it out immediately when the introduction video said that we would be taking on the roles of drainage contractors near Melbourne. These aren’t at all the sorts of jobs a drainage contractor would do, Joe said. We also weren’t given any licenses or anything, so all of the work we do is technically illegal.

My preference isn’t for us to stay here all weekend, so hopefully we can work out a solution soon. Does anybody know how to use a drain camera, but not a real one? Joe says that drain cameras are nothing like the one we’ve been given, which is basically a normal camera with a straw on the end of it.

We’re so doomed.

– Jane