It feels like I haven’t written one of these in ages, even though the last four pages of this book have been filled with entries detailing the previous four days. It’s a strange thing, what we have experienced. Even after all this time, I’m not quite sure I can even begin to understand it.

The platinum token count sits at 108, if everything has been correctly accounted for. A new opportunity has arisen, although it is unfortunately not a job for me. One hundred tokens for some wallpaper designs, so probably one for Mav. I’ve passed the information on to her, hoping that she will see it in time. It could be a trap, so she’d best be careful if she takes it.

I was only able to complete one job today, unfortunately. Still, it’s another token added to the collection. It will help to make ends meet, but doesn’t pay as well as some of the other jobs such as commercial office design. Melbourne still has need of it, though, and there are a handful of people willing to hand over their precious platinum tokens. 

I have also passed on a handful of other opportunities, certain that a few of them will go to waste. If any of Iris, Hop or Redman see them, that would be excellent, but we shall see what happens.

Jobs are in a bit of a quiet spot at the moment, but I’ve flagged one job for later in the week, just in case things work out in my favour. For now, the job I completed for Fishmonger Accounts, down by the poor excuse for a wharf, should suffice. Honestly, I’m still in awe of the office space. It was probably one of the best-ever commercial fitouts in the Melbourne area. 

Mission for tomorrow? Look into this job paying 100 platinum tokens. Something just doesn’t feel right about it. I’ve never seen a job offering so much. If it’s legit, though… Could be quite the haul.

– Dirk