It had become something of a habit for Dirk to go through his JobPad every night, even if it looked like slim pickings for commercial design tasks. As usual, he filtered out the jobs for actual money, leaving him with about 15 listings, down from several hundred. He did still have to take the regular jobs from time to time – he had to pay his share of the rent somehow, after all. But most days, he’d be going for the platinum.

He flagged only one request for a person who can appreciate really impressive commercial design. Melbourne businesses tended to request those sorts of jobs later in the week, so only one wasn’t too surprising. He continued scrolling, just in case anything else caught his eye.

Wallpaper expert required – 100 tokens!

That certainly caught his eye. One hundred tokens for a single job was simply unheard of. Take the job, get the tokens and sell them for actual money and you’d literally be set for a life of luxury without ever working another day. One hundred tokens!

Unbelievable, Dirk thought. Must be a joke. Still, maybe one for Mav…

Mav was an expert when it came to wallpaper and decals, whether it was for offices or homes. Mav was so good, in fact, that she had far surpassed Dirk’s own ability long ago. Had she been running a business for commercial office fitouts near Melbourne, she would have been able to retire long ago. Thankfully they worked in two somewhat different fields, meaning they were able to coexist easily enough.

Dirk copied the link to the job and sent it through to Mav’s email. Hopefully, she’d get it tomorrow. It was always hard to predict when she’d be online, though. She had a habit of disappearing for long periods of time.

There were a handful of other jobs that Dirk passed on to people more suited to the tasks requested. Undoubtedly, a few of them would get snatched up before the others even saw them, but was just the way things tended to go, inconvenient as it was.