I’m still making my decisions as a result of my business partner going rouge and making decisions without me. He has really hurt me. He’s gone behind my back and chosen a commercial window tinting company that I don’t like. Because of this decision, he’s completely going to change the look and feel of our office building, which is something I didn’t agree to. I gave him plenty of options that were really good and he decided to choose one behind my back, one that he knew would upset me and I’m so disappointed about it. I feel betrayed.

I feel like our entire partnership is a lie and that no matter what commercial decorative glass products made in Melbourne that I recommended to him, he wouldn’t have chosen. We aren’t on a level playing field anymore and it is so hard for me to have to make decisions on what to do. I am so upset that my business partner would do this to me. It’s just so unfair. If he wants to make decisions that only benefit him, then he should be a sole trader – not in a strategic business partnership with me. 

One of the worst parts of this is that if he really feels like he wants to be a sole trader, deep down, he’s not actually doing anything about it. Instead, he says that he sees us being very successful together and that he wants to have a very long and successful partnership. He says that we have something special – an idea that no one else will ever be able to come up with. He says that the office tinting he has selected shouldn’t have any impact on our future together. He’s said on multiple occasions now that the decision he has made is going to be best for our business in the long term and that he’s disappointed that I don’t believe him.