I’ve always been terrified of grey hair, and  like my mum, I’ve still got as much thick black dead straight hair as ever. I’m envious of her though, because even though she’s been through the wringer, her face hasn’t shown her age as much as mine has. Which is why I’m looking into dermal cheek fillers. Melbourne has been way better for us, environmentally at least it’s nowhere near as polluted as Beijing, but in the last year since we moved, I managed to age faster than my mum. It terrified me!

I have been quietly interested in cosmetic surgery for a couple of years now, but I’ve only had a couple of treatments, microdermabrasion, and a few intense facials here and there. I noticed my cheeks starting to look sunken- and I mentioned it to mum, who is – for all her weaknesses- honest as anything. She agreed I was aging and my heart sunk. Time to do something about it.

I looked into clinics that do dermal filler in Melbourne. The internet really didn’t let me down when it came to choice. I decided to go for it and booked with a place that only employed qualified cosmetic nurses with lots of experience. I was really nervous but having done my research, I knew that the place was reputable and I wasn’t obliged to go ahead with anything. Speaking to the nurse, I was surprised to find out that most of my issues could likely be resolved with just a little filler and something called dermaplaning, which is like supercharged exfoliation.

The nurse was amazing- I felt comfortable to go ahead with the fillers right away, and it was a great decision- I look a lot softer in the face  Mum couldn’t believe the difference it made, and believe me, her eye is more critical than mine. I can’t believe how much stress the fillers seem to have erased from my face. I’ll definitely be booking in and looking to take better care of my skin now I know how easy it can be.