“Wow, that was quick,” said Redman as they stepped into the buyer’s advocate sector of the massive building.

“What did I tell you? Just a scene break away from this place, using my secret shortcut. We’ll be speaking with the Director in no time.”

“Good,” said Redman. “This is starting to feel like some sort of stalling tactic. Or maybe the writer of your strange, mystic novel has been trying to hit some sort of target for each scene and has really been dragging this out.”

“Perhaps, but we’re here now, so let your doubts cease.”

They had taken a hidden tunnel to cut through a large portion of the building, which Jesse had only been able to access through his high-level clearance.

Interestingly, buyer’s advocacy turned out to be a much smaller operation for the Zircon Clan. Jesse had explained that there were about two dozen buyer’s advocates, with a large space containing a filing cabinet for each suburb of New Adelaide and New Melbourne.

Now as Redman stood before the thousands of randomly sorted cabinets, he realised just how much work these buyer’s advocates must have had. The first cabinet he saw read ‘Buyer’s Advocate – Melbourne, followed by several with suburbs that were actually within the metro area of Adelaide, much to his surprise.

Jesse led him through the room that almost felt like a warehouse, walking past hundreds of filing cabinets. Jesse constantly looked down the aisles created by the metal boxes, searching for the Director. Eventually, they spotted a man, but he turned out to be the buyer’s advocate for Malvern properties.

“Come on, where are you, Director?” said Jesse a while later, a hint of frustration now in his voice.

“I don’t suppose that’s him over there?” Redman said, pointing at a tall man with a bowler hat in the distance.

“That’s him!” Jesse said, breaking into a sprint. “Come on, quickly. Before we lose him!”

Redman didn’t particularly like running, so if this really did turn out to be some sort of weird novel, he hoped the chase could just happen off page.