I’ve recently moved house into a wonderful, art-deco modern place with my best friend. I moved here to Melbourne from interstate and didn’t bother bringing all of my furniture and such over, because what’s the point? It’s easy to pick up new furniture in the new city, especially if it’s a bigger city with more opportunities for a cheap deal. Add to this you’ll be able to choose things more suited to the house and your new lifestyle. My housemate, Sally, and I are in this position where we need more furniture and we’ve realised that neither of us have a suitable vehicle to pick up bigger furniture! Thankfully she’s able to borrow her uncle’s ute, complete with his aluminium ute toolboxes. It’s getting to a point that we have most of the essential in place. Unfortunately my friend has “overstayed her welcome” with her uncle.

We do have a regular car, but there’s no way we can fit a couch into her boot. So, thanks to this experience, I’m realising how handy it is to have a vehicle with numerous purposes. Boot space is important, hopefully the ute is capable of transporting larger objects. I adore the ute, and with their awesome custom aluminium toolboxes, they can be amazingly handy. But how frustrating! We’re currently living without a couch, bed or television! We have a few wooden chairs which we’re getting by on, but it’s simply not a pleasant and relaxing space to live in.

I’m trying to become more handy by picking up new skills wherever I can. It’s simply a matter of teaching myself through a keen problem-solving process, and possibly research. I must learn everything I can before I dive in as a professional. So the idea of a ute with things like a ute canopy would be absolutely perfect. It’s just a matter of having the financial backing and the skills to use it professionally, but I’m probably getting ahead of myself. I’m still trying to find a job in the meantime, and it’s not a good idea to, but I’m so eager for it, especially with such a bare house right now. Oh the anticipation!