Some towns have giant statues, like the one in Rio. Others have massive buildings, monuments, palaces, temples or botanical gardens.

Melbourne shall have…a battery. I guess I should just be happy that art students and science students are coming together to make something that’ll be of some benefit to everyone. Wonder how THOSE planning meetings are going for everyone. Sounds like a hilarious mix, if you ask me.

I wouldn’t even have known about this, but they’ve partnered with these companies in Melbourne that do commercial energy storage and…well, you know how Melbourne likes to think it’s at the cutting-edge of everything, forever. If you talked to some people, you’d get the impression that every other city in Australia basically just deals in farm produce, while Melbourne is a city floating in the clouds, populated entirely by scientists and artists. If wishes had wings…

So anyway, the plan is for an absolutely massive battery to be put right in the middle of the city. A triumph of energy storage, they’re calling it. The idea is that it’ll get part of its power from solar energy, part from the turbine on the top and the rest from a circle of treadmills and bikes surrounding it. Anyone can jump on and charge up their phones and other devices, or they can just generate some power and add their energy to the project. To feel good about themselves, I suppose. It’s a bold idea and one that has locals a mixture of excited and wary.

I don’t hate the idea, plus the entire reason the art students are involved is to make it look pretty. Although…modern art can be kinda weird. In any case, this will be a bold statement on the nature of commercial energy storage, and commercial energy monitoring. Will it be a major tourist attraction? Time will tell. At least I’ll have somewhere to charge my phone.