Those are, aluminium accessories, made from aluminium. Such danger and intrigue, and it’s all down to aluminium!

Alright, so I’m guessing that someone on the writing staff is a sort of aluminium junkie, and they’ve inserted all of their wildest dreams into the show, And to be honest it’s a bit silly. Week of Our Lives IS known for being a bit out there, true, but the latest episode featured an entire theme park being built in Realsville all based around aluminium. Golly, that was fast. The previous episode ended with Tracey finally accepting that she’d been possessed by a spirit her entire life and moving to New Zealand to pursue a career in moon studies. The camera tracked her car as she left for the airport, and panned over to Aluminium World, a place of toolboxes, aluminium ute canopies and infinite fun revolving around…well, a certain type of metal, the nature of which you can probably guess.

I’d understand if it was a pop-up shop, or a stand, or even a travelling show, but there’s just a whole theme park right there. And not a particularly convincing one, either. Obviously the show doesn’t have much of a set budget, hence why they’re been using the same town as a filming location for the last seventy years. So yeah…bit overambitious to try to convince us that there’s a whole theme park based around aluminium, all shiny and new, just outside Realsville. True, they spent most of the time inside the gift shop, where you could purchase wonderful sets of aluminium accessories, made in Melbourne, and also t-shirts that profess your love of Aluminium World. Will this have a ripple effect on the community? How will the arrival of this new theme park upset the gentle economic balance of the town??

Or will it be gone by the next episode? Yeah, it’s that one.