Day 14, and I don’t know if people yet accept me as a member of the Car Club. It is, I think, the only car club in all of Melbourne, but I don’t want to SAY that because what if there’s another one? It might just be one I haven’t heard of, you know. And I’d out myself as a non-car-person if I come out with something so brazenly wrong. I’m already in hot water right now after I referred to getting a car service as ‘going to the car doctor’. I think I managed to pass it off as a joke, but these car people are inscrutable, much like their vehicles.

I’ve got a good line for the next meeting though. Just gonna casually mention that I went to get a car air conditioning service from a garage in Bendigo. I mean, normal car servicing is all well and good, but a specialised service for my air conditioning? That’s surely something that only car people would do. I hope they don’t ask me what I had done, because I would have no real clue.

Some may say I shouldn’t have put myself in this situation to begin with, but I just wanted a hobby. All of my social circle had their ‘things’. They went to some drama club, or they dug up treasure from the ocean floor. Tom just started doing parkour, which is basically the coolest hobby there is. I needed a thing! And so, I decided that I was going to be the car guy, despite not really knowing anything about them. Just figured that there are plenty of mechanics around, I can look up stuff, and cars are one of the best hobbies to have because they’re not going out of fashion any time soon.

Don’t actually have a car myself at the moment, and I’m running out of excuses as to why I keep arriving on the bus. Still…I’ll manage. I’ll gather information, find out who are the best auto mechanics in the Bendigo area for when I DO have a car, and…well, maybe see if there’s another car club. Maybe even…two more car clubs?