I’ve decided that this place is in dire need of better signage. It’s not exactly my responsibility (and possibly not even my right) to do anything about it, but given that I’ve been left in charge for seven weeks I’m going to take it upon myself to behave like it is. I mean, there’s no way I’d look at twice at this dump if I didn’t know what it was, let alone think to go inside and buy essential oils and aroma diffusers and whatever else it is that we flog in here.

So, like I said, I’m taking it upon myself to change it up. I’ve started doing some research about signage solutions online, and it seems like the best one might be to make over the windows. If only we had some kind of logo, we could get that tastefully arranged on the glass via the wonders of commercial decorative window decals. These can be custom-printed with just about anything. The first step would be coming up with a logo.

I can do that if I put my mind to it. It’s possible that Sage won’t like it, sure. But she’s good at processing her emotions (must be all that Relaxation Blend she’s always inhaling), so if there’s any fallout it should blow over pretty quickly. In fact, she’ll probably end up thanking me – she should, anyway, given that I’m the only one who makes any actual sales around here.

Honestly, if it was up to Sage, we’d be knee-deep in bottles of obscure fragrances that no one wants to buy (Rotorua Nights, I’m looking at you). She just leaves all the packaging piled in the window, too – it looks terrible. And she won’t let me move it! If only there was a way I could block it out to passers by… commercial window tinting recommendations, Melbourne?

Okay, so I probably shouldn’t do all this stuff without Sage’s permission. If she wants to have a shop that smells like the farts of the earth and looks like a paper shredder that’s exploded, that’s her prerogative.