So, tonight at the meeting we were shown a poster with a beautiful piece of artwork. It’s only a mock-up, but a member of our group is an extremely talented artist, so our leader asked him to create something that showed what our glorious moon society would be like in its full scope. We spent almost an hour simple admiring the great work of art, admiring not only the colour and composition, but also what it promised. It was a landscape of the many domes and huts that will form our great civilisation. In the foreground were people playing moon golf, mowing the moon lawn, harvesting the moon crops and teaching at the outdoor moon school. In the background, moon tennis, moon café meet-ups, moon life-drawing classes…all perfect, everyone happy!

One thing did bother me, however. Right in the corner or the painting was a couple being shown a new dome by what looked like a real estate agent. Now, my cousin’s cousin is a buyers advocate for Melbourne suburbs, which I personally think is a worthwhile and wonderful profession. They certainly see to enjoy it, and they’re the decent and hardworking sort we need in our new society. However, I made a request to the leader that this member of my extended family be included in our voyage to the heavens, and they said that such a profession was not needed, at least not initially. The exact words were ‘we shall all be happy with what we are given, and will not be seeking to change our place of dwelling, so perfect shall it be.’

Well then…why is this leader-approved painting showing me the exact opposite? If the noble professions of buyers advocacy, estate agency, conveyancing and all the rest are not going to be preserved in our glorious kingdom, well…I just feel like we’re leaving a lot behind. If we exclude the Melbourne area property advocates, then what next? The artists, the craftsmen, the shipwrights…until eventually, we are as cold as the moon’s surface itself. I’m going to raise this buyers advocate issue at the next meeting, for sure.