Is there ever a good time to buy a house? Or sell one, for that matter. I used to think that there was, and that it could be divined by staying on top of what the economy was doing and closely analysing the real estate market. I even created a spreadsheet that was a serious feat of logic, and seemed to work a treat.

Well, I think I’ve just about changed my tune now. There’s no rhyme or reason to individual outcomes, when you weight up the balance of pros and cons in any given property transaction. I can’t be bothered to go into why I think this, exactly – I’m too exhausted from banging my head against a brick wall trying to shore up my calculations. Suffice it to say that logic will only take you so far where this sort of things is concerned.

Never mind that, though. I’m just happy to done with the property transfer. Melbourne, tell me this – have you ever experienced anything more stressful than that process? I’m sure many of you have, and I take my hat off to you, because transferring property is a proper pain in the neck.

I mean, it’s not like I’m exactly doing it hard with my life here in Melbourne’s south east. Conveyancing services are available to deal with this small annoyance for me, for starters, not to mention the fact that I’m in a position to buy property in the first place. I’m going to skirt around that whole chestnut. It is what it is and I’m not about to apologise for it, not for feeling logistically overwhelmed by it.

Look, with great power comes great cortisol spikes. That’s my experience, anyway. This whole real estate thing is essentially a gamble in this day and age, with the future of any given local environment hanging in the balance. But the transaction is done now, I’m going to proceed forwards with my life now.