I get that some offices have themes, but how much theme is too much? These are the questions I face on a daily basis since I took over here. You can’t JUST have an office any more. No one just has an office any more, because it’s basically corporate suicide. Pretty much the only office I know that doesn’t have any sort of theme is Rize Solutions, and that’s only because their company has been in the black for as long as anyone can remember. I don’t think any companies that do¬†office design near Melbourne would work for them; that place is problematic. And yet, they never actually close down.

Anyway, office design. I want it. I NEED it for our company, because we deal in books and those are exciting. The clients want to come into our office and see…I don’t know, something imaginative! Bookshelves in the walls, images of hungry caterpillars and wizards, everyone having a personal bookshelf at their desk, and a LOT of bright colours. Can’t have an office that works with books and have it all be grey, grey, grey. We know what makes a good book cover, because we know that’s how people judge, and they’ll do the same with our office if we don’t get office design in here, pronto.

I’ve been having a search for sample themes, and I haven’t exactly found anything that fits us perfectly. Lawrence Corp have this sleek, tech theme that no doubt makes everyone think they’re inside a spaceship, but otherwise I’m not seeing anything that works for us, specifically. And I know, this is why I need to find an office designer based in Melbourne, they are the ones that give us the wonderful ideas. Well, we both have the ideas, but they’re the ones with the graphs and blueprints to really make it happen. And fast. The office is currently as boring as a place that sells paper clips.