I have been talking to my wife about installing an outdoor entertainment area for many years. Finally after years of nagging, she has the nerve to tell me that she has just thought of a great idea. Can you guess what that idea is?

That’s right, an outdoor entertainment area with modern garden landscaping. When I told her that I had been pushing this idea for years, my wife got annoyed and told me that I had never suggested such a thing. I guess she thought of it on her own, fantastic. Once I cooled down I decided that it wasn’t worth the fight, that would lower the chances of us actually going through with the landscaping idea.

I started researching different kinds of garden landscaping designs, backyard barbecues are wonderful in the springtime My wife had been looking into getting a wood fire pizza oven as the centrepiece for an outdoor kitchen as an alternative. We’ve decided that we’re going with a variety of hybrid tea roses as they are my wife’s favourite.

We also agreed that an outdoor landscaping and entertainment area was a worthy investment and made plans to have one installed in the backyard. We worked out that a large space for us, and a smaller area for the children would work best. I was surprised at how easily we agreed on the garden layouts and all the other logistics behind the plan. My wife will be happy so long as we have a garden full of blooming roses.

I was pleased with how open my wife was being with our budget. I’m getting super excited to find out more about all the different types of flowering shrubs we could go with. My attitude has always been that money should be spent, not saved. My wife is generally very strict with our funds and likes to keep an iron grip on the purse strings. There were, of course, a few areas where we disagreed on the garden design. I thought a basketball hoop would be a lot of fun for our kid, but my wife was adamant that it was a waste of space. In the end I agreed with her idea for a water feature surrounded with roses instead. Pick your battles gentlemen.