Why have they got to keep making everything so much less fun? When I first started here, it was just a few of us. We had some laughs, parking wasn’t really much of a thing…and we might not have gotten THAT much work done, but it didn’t matter, because work was fun.

Now we’re bigger, and we’re turning into a REAL office. Real offices are rarely fun. People steal each other’s sandwiches and they have conversations over by water coolers about…things. Things that really should not have been said.

We also only talk about business things. Just this morning we had a miniature staff meeting about how Melbourne’s conveyancing and settlement laws are changing, and while we’re not conveyancers, it still affects us and the services we offer our clients. So that was fine, and then I tried to point out at the end of the meeting that we have that conveyancer office that used to be across the street from us, and we should have them around for our next office bash. The boss said…that we should discuss it out of work hours. 

Out of work hours?? When did we need to wait until work was over to just have a discussion?? Bear in mind that maintaining good relations between offices can only be a good thing, and even work parties give us time to discuss work related stuff…if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m telling you, this place has changed. Now it’s all business faces, corporate mumbo jumbo, facts and figures, people working overtime when they really don’t need to and NO ONE wanting to come to the staff events. See, those are outside of work time. No excuses there.

Suppose I’ll just find a Melbourne conveyancing office, because they all seems to have it going on. I bet no one steals sandwiches, either. All that office propriety, and then…right out of the fridge. My name on it and everything. I blame the overtime, personally.