If there’s one thing our family loves…it’s card games. Obviously, because we’ve always loved card games and it’s how we decide absolutely everything, up to and including family holidays. I seriously thought I was about to win that mini tournament that we were having, which would’ve led to us having a quiet holiday in Port Stevens. But then Ben comes back with an absolute killer strategy that blows us all out of the water, and he scorches to victory. And since Ben is going through a phase where he’s obsessed with boats, including the theme of his deck, he says that we’re going on a boating holiday.

Well, I never. And not only a boating holiday, but one where you actually learn how to sail and fish and what exactly you do with a bow rail. We’re only simple, card-game playing folks, so I wonder why Ben would choose to do such a thing. He says it’s because we’ve never actually played card games on a boat before, and it might be an even better place to play card games than anywhere else. I’ve yet to be convinced by this rhetoric, but Ben won our game fair and square, and so we are going on a holiday to learn how to fish and sail and all about the advantages of plate alloy boats, whatever they are. I just read it on the course description. I really hope we enjoy this and also get time for card games, on a boat, on the high seas. THAT part does interest me. Perhaps we’ll discover some wonderful new strategies and come back to the pro-scene with new and excellent skills, much like olympic runners who train in the mountains where there’s little oxygen and then come back down to ground level to win everything. We shall be like that.

We can only hope! And if we gain a new appreciation for plate aluminium boats while we’re sailing around on our strange holiday, then it’ll be all the better.

-Gareth, Rank XI Card Master